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When do you receive a response?

When do you receive an answer from the childcare facility you chose? You received a proposal from a childcare facility, what do you do? You received a negative answer, what do you do?

When do you get an answer of the childcare facility?

You get a proposal from a childcare facility

You get an email with a proposal from a childcare facility. What do you do?

Do you have doubts about the proposal from the childcare facility?

You get a negative answer

There is a high demand for places in Brussels childcare. As a result, there is not always room for a child.

What can you do?

Tip: Think carefully about the extra choices you add. For example: is the distance between your home and the childcare facility not too great? No, not a problem? Then add the extra childcare facility to your application.

Tip: Check if there is a new childcare facility on our site that suits you. Click on 'childcare facilities' to see all childcare facilities. Set the right filters. Is there a new childcare facility that is right for you? Then add the additional childcare facility to your application.

Do you change your desired start date, yes or no?

Yes, but you only change your desired start date when:

Please note! If ou don't change the start date, when the start date has passed? Then your application will be deleted.


In all other situations, you DON'T change your desired start date.

Some examples:

Please note! The childcare facility will not send you a proposal for your initial start date if you have changed your start date to a later time.


Do you have a question?

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